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NEWBOOKS Solutions

NEWBOOKS was founded by Moritz Hodde in 2003. The company quickly developed into one of the industry’s leading providers of high quality metadata and IT services. Amongst a range of services and products NEWBOOKS developed new title alerting services based on the NEWBOOKS catalogue of academic and specialist books, an approval plan system for libraries, an industry-wide solution for the import of title data using ONIX and the purchase and ordering system known as 'SARA'.

In 2013 Moritz Hodde and Amr Osman founded NEWBOOKS Solutions GmbH together with Stefan Schwedt and Björn Stude. Since then the company has developed ground-breaking solutions for the industry such as the B2B platform for the publishing industry 'VLB-TIX'. With its import and export systems for ONIX 2.1 and 3.0 NEWBOOKS Solutions has become one of the pioneers in the introduction and implementation of the book industry standard.

As an official service partner of MarkLogic NEWBOOKS Solutions has been offering its customers implementation of NoSQL database projects since 2015. In June 2016 NEWBOOKS Solutions received the „MarkLogic Partner Excellence Award“ in London. 


Together with iucon, NEWBOOKS has developed groundbreaking products for the publishing industry: Alerting Services, Approval Plan Systems, Digital Preview Systems and standard systems for the processing of bibliographic data in ONIX - widely being used both in the German-speaking and in the international publishing industry.

Our ONIX Tools for the import and export of ONIX metadata are utilized by the complete supply chain in the book trade, such as the central book catalogues NEWBOOKS (German and English titles) and VLB, wholesalers like Libri and Umbreit, many library suppliers and important bookselling chains.

Moreover, we realized - together with iucon - software solutions for professional metadata management for publishing houses, information providers, and retail companies.